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Tessmann, Oliver; Mehdizadeh, Samim

Rotoform - Realization of Hollow Construction Elements Through Roto-Forming with Hyper-Elastic Membrane Formwork Miscellaneous


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Communication Landscapes Inproceedings

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Savov, Anton; Tessmann, Oliver

Introduction to Playable Voxel-Shape Grammars Inproceedings

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Andrea Rossi, Oliver Tessmann

Geometry as Assembly Inproceedings

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Rossi, Andrea; Tessmann, Oliver

Collaborative Assembly of Digital Materials Miscellaneous



Rossi, Andrea; Tessmann, Oliver

Aggregated Structures: Approximating Topology Optimized Material Distribution with Discrete Building Blocks Journal Article

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Tessmann, Oliver; Savov, Anton

Module and Jointing Miscellaneous


Savov, Anton; Buckton, Ben; Tessmann, Oliver

20,000 Blocks: Can gameplay be used to guide non-expert groups in creating architecture? Inproceedings

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Tessmann, Oliver

Topological Interlocking Assemblies Inproceedings

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From Structural Purity to Site Specificity: New Canopies for the Entrance Gates of the Messe Frankfurt Inproceedings

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In:ex:terior structures: Entwurf eines UHPC-Pavillon Book

Book on Demand, 2007.

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