barBeton is a bar counter made from ultra high performance concrete (UHPC). The object was a research project which explored the potential of the new material in combination with novel moulding techniques. The research was conducted by Mirco Becker and Oliver Tessmann together with students from the University of Kassel and G.tecz as industry partner for innovative concrete.

For the project, G.tecz  developed two different types of the concrete; a low viscosity
concrete called QUANTZ, providing extreme fluidity during manufacture and compressive
strength properties comparable to steel and a surface quality like ceramics, as well as
a stiff but ductile and easy to handle UHPC that could be used with a laminating technique.
the project aimed to reduce the material thickness.


The team created a mould made from two interlocking shells of milled foam covered
with epoxy resin after extensive testing of . Resin proved to be an adequate coating for the foam mould allowing for multiple use of the formwork and providing the desired surface quality.


The barbeton surface is extremely glossy without any further treatment or additional coating. The easy handling of the material in combination with the layering technique allows to produce double curved
lightweight UHPC structures in an effective way.


‘barbeton’ was on display at the recent materialxperience fair in utrecht, netherlands.

Project Team:

Mirco Becker, Oliver Tessmann

Jan Iwanowicz, Ljuba Tascheva, Patrick Taylor, Jan Weissenfeldt, Max Wittich, Babak Zarsazegar


Thomas Teichmann, Gregor Zimmermann