Project and Text by Natascha Damaske and Dina El Gindi.

Imagine you buy a beautiful property at the seaside and want to build your dream house here… There are millions of ways to lay out the floor plan of your house and the app YOUR PERSONAL VIEW helps you find the best one, depending on what you want to see from which room!

One of the most important aspects of a wonderful house is the view you have from inside. Of course you want to see as much as possible of the sea. Also seeing trees and greenery is very important. What’s not important at all is the noisy, not so beautiful street or the neighbour’s house.

YOUR PERSONAL VIEW uses Grasshopper to analyse on the one hand the location of your house and on the other hand a thousand floor plans.

In the first step you get a ground floor plan with your preferred views. First you select different parameters and adjust the importance of the view of this parameter according to your interests. With the ground floor plan as an outcome you also receive the percentage of the amount of the view of each parameter.

In the second step you can choose a viewpoint in a room of the ground floor plan you obtained in the first step. The viewpoint can be placed according to the furniture in a specific room. The app will calculate the percentage of all four parameters which already occurred in step one.

Grasshopper and Isovist Explanation Video

find more information in the booklet!

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