Project and Text by Anjuscha Helbig and Philipp Vehrenberg.

ViewSPOTS is an app that helps people find the perfect floor plan based on their own visual preferences. It analyzes the view connections to the outside and the visual connections between the different rooms in the inside of the house.

ViewSPOTS uses Grasshopper to analyze the views of a floor plan. From any given point the direct and indirect internal and external views are calculated. A grid of many points analyzes the entire floor plan and creates a view connection diagram. The diagram displays the amount of internal views among the rooms and the external views of each room separately. A heat map is generated from the external views which gives an overall impression of the amount of building envelope openings.

Each person has different needs and requirements when it comes to their own living spaces – our app recognizes this and allows the user to find a floor plan that best suits their needs based on their own view connection diagram. Their diagram is matched with a floor plan from a databank of thousands of already analyzed floor plans and thus, the users finds their own perfect floor plan.

ViewSPOTS Video:

for more information check out the booklet!

thousand floor plans_Booklet_Helbig_Vehrenberg