Project and Text by Ana Sophie Sánchez Wurm and Ana Baraibar Jiménez.

There is a lot of factors that affect people when looking for a new home. Layout, orientation, and personal preferences are some of the most important ones. But what about money? Most people have to work with a limited budget when buying a new house, and the electricity, water and heat bills will be a fundamental part in the expenses of the family from the moment they start living in the house. That is the reason why we focused our effort in making a tool that allows users to calculate how large some of the bills will be while living in a chosen house, particularly the electricity ones, based in the living style of the homeowners. Our app also shows the users how the selected house can help them reduce these costs using solar panels to provide their own solar energy and thus saving money. Each house has its own „saving“ rate, and the app sorts them to make easier for the future homeowners to choose their dream house.

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