Project and Text by Luisa Ruffertshöfer, Marc Ritz and Gerrit Walser.
The consideration of renewable energetic gain of a building becomes a main focus of contemporary sustainable assessments.
As a first approach the following survey, covering many aspects why people choose floor plans, shows different aspects but renewable energetic gain is one of the most important. With this app people can analyze various floor plans, on how much energy they could provide through solar systems in a whole year. With several floor plans they can calculate the kWh production per m2 which are connected to the roof surface. The kWh result of a floor plan allows us to calculate the heat and the electric gain through a solar system. These calculations and their technical aspects we tackled with a combination of several floor plans, we drew in Rhino and connected them afterwards with Grasshopper, respectively Ladybug. Through these programs we calculate the energetic outcome per year, produced by any given square meter floor plan based on a specific location. To mask those rather complicated, technical aspects, we developed several app mock ups to display one of many possibilities for a user-friendly usage.


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