Project and Text by Zhiyin Lu and Mengxue Wang

Nowadays in China there are so many residencial areas. Different flats, floor plans and arrangments make people very confused when they want to choose a proper flat and spend probably the largest amount of their savings to buy a flat. Usually, at the opening of the sales for a new residencial area, local people go hurriedlly and stay in queue, having to decide in a very short time which flat they want to buy while listening to what the salesman says and feelling the nervous atmosphere among the other buyers. We think this way to make a decision to buy he home for one’s whole life is very unreasonalble.

So we decide to make an app, called CUSTOM FLAT, to help both the real estate agent and the buyers to make the purchase of a flat more satisfactory. Before the residential area opens for sale, the real estate agent can use this app to input data that lets users know this area, instead of printing many leaflets and wasting time to explain over and over again. The buyers can use this app and filter based on DAYLIGHT performance to compare and choose their dream home. We used the Rhino and Grasshopper to trace the sunlight trace and calculate the amount, which lets users choose, which appartment is fits them better according to their own preferences for sunlight.

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