Project and Text by Mariona Carrion, Morgane Hamel and Louise Hamot.

Don’t you want to live in a house with the best daylight? A daylight that matches your way of living and habits? If yes, Chaselight is for you!

The aim of the app is to empower homeowners to find the best floor plan where they can enjoy their daily activities, such as drinking coffee, with the suitable levels of daylight.

Daylight is measured in intensities (luxes) but how can you explain it to a non-expert?
We thought about referring to activities — different actions need different light ambiances and therefore intensities. Users select the activity and the app links this activity to a range of intensities in which should be suitable to do this activity. How do we translate these results to a floor plan? Users see a floor plan with every room painted in a different color. The darker ones are the rooms where it is less suitable to do the action and vice versa for the lighter ones.
In case they want to know more about a floor plan, they can click on one room and see exactly where they can carry out these activities and when.

It’s then in the user’s hands to say if the floor plan suits them or not.


for more information check out the booklet!