The project 20.000 Blocks above the Ground is a game platform and an expert system in one.

The project follows research in engaging non-trained individuals in the creation of complex architectural designs using games and crowdsourcing for human-directed problem-solving. Architectural experts can encode their design knowledge into gameplay using our custom-developed tools for the popular game of Minecraft. Non-expert players then are constrained by this gameplay which guides them to create unique architectural results. We employ a real-time link between the game and structural analysis in McNeel’s Grasshopper to verify the designs. To prove the viability of these results, we used robotic fabrication, where digital results are brought to reality into scaled models.

We believe that this process can create results which are not limited to mathematically optimal solutions but can also solve real-world problems in new and unexpected ways.


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20.000 Blocks Above the Ground

Project leader: Anton Savov
Ben Buckton
Jörg Hartmann
Thomas Valentin Klink
Sebastian Kotterer
Max Rudolph
Marios Messios
Lorena Müller
Alban Voss
Ginger The Robot Arm

Project website: