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Making a Wood Joint out of 8 Pieces for a Structural System

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The outcome of the project is a concept of a space that would build itself. Kenneth Cheung in his PhD, titled ”DigitalCellular Solids: reconfigurable composite materials.”,  developed a structural modular system out of two-dimensional crosses forming a rigid network. Cheung proposed that his approach could be used in the aerospace industry and in architecture. The research project presented below uses Cheung’s modular system for architectural purposes. The aim is to find and test out different Fabrication Methods such as CNC milling to create a prototype in Scale 1:1 within a technological and cost constraints so that people anywhere on the planet could build it themselves.


Cut Steps


The project took place in WS 2016/17 and is part of the master students research model at DDU.










 For more information check out the booklet

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