Digital Fabrication

The seminar presents the basics of design methods for the digital processing of materials.

Digital production methods such as the laser cutter or a computer-controlled hot-wire cutter are used for this purpose.

For the creation of the digital production data the seminar participants learn the use of parametric 3D software (Rhino, Grasshopper).

The goal is to create models that show a new material behavior embedded through a digital production method.

Digital Design Studio – My Personal Factory

Participants design and build a modular construction that creates a temporary, interactive and versatile space for digital fabrication.

We are currently experiencing the shift from personal computing to personal fabrication. After the computer shrunk from room size to smartphone dimensions we witness a similar development for CNC milling machines, 3D printers and laser cutters.

Production is returning back into our cities. The studio addresses this phenomenon and at the same time uses these digital technologies. Participants will learn the use of parametric design tools (Rhino/Grasshopper), robotic assembly and physical computing (Arduino).