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[gallery ids="8127,8138,8128,8129,8130,8131,8139,8140,8122,8133,8134,8135,8132,8136,8137"]   Geometric Complexity is ubiquitous in nature and comes for free with 3d printing. In this project 3D scanning bridges both worlds: A natural object is scanned and translated into a digital mesh. The mesh forms the interface to a 3d printed object that serves as...

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Using Reinforcement Machine Learning to Generate Robot Tool Paths

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In this research project Theo Gruner and Steffen Bisswanger used machine learning (ML) to teach a robotic to find his way through a maze. A force based ML task is implemented to collect feedback. To reduce the complexity of the problem the setting is placed in a two-dimensional environment. https://youtu.be/fcpK0p6ua3I Student:   STEFFEN BISSWANGER   THEO GRUNER   Supervisor:   BASTIAN...

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